• The Stay Project

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    The Stay Project is an online space where you can submit your experiences of the here and now as they relate to our president. We want your feelings, thoughts, reactions, hopes, fears – however big or small and in any form. Literary, Visual, Performative, etc. Our only criterion? No hate. Nothing hateful. Please. We are here to hold space, to remain present and engaged. We are here to document. And we are here to Stay.


    To help you Stay, we’ll offer a new set of prompts each month designed to stimulate your mind and your senses. To catapult. Use the prompts as directed or as you see fit.


    Handcrafted by our lil hearts for yours.


    Love + Love,

    The Stay Project




  • Submission Guidelines

    We are seriously eager to hear from you. Send us your poems, portraits, sound pieces, lists, experiments, conundrums, rants, and responses. Submit your work to threepoets2017@gmail.com as a word doc, a common photo format, or as simply as possible. No PDFs please. Note - while we intend to document as accurately as we can, publication is ultimately at the discretion of The Stay Project.

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