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September 2018

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Christian Brown, Artist

In the spirit of resistance, The Stay Project is starting off (what for many) is the new school year with a large moment of procrastination. On the subject of process, it can be hard to begin, so sometimes we don't. Until we're ready. If we are. On the other hand, we can fancy ourselves disciplined practitioners of the processes that move us, as long as we get to define the terms. Stay also means to stop, to delay. Until we can get a grip, surely a luxury in our times.

Almost halfway in, we return to and pick up a conversation with artist Christian Brown, who is currently showing his work through September 29 at the Liberty Theater in Bend Oregon. Originally conceived as a readable interview, it is presented here in audio form--it's arguably too long, is accompanied by the clash and clang and buzz of a coffee shop, repeats at some point (for a minute), and reveals the interviewer's ingnorance of how to pronounce legendary actress and activist Cicely Tyson's name (Se-cily, not Sigh-slee). Conversation as process.

The Hidden Hypotenuse Interview

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