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A Stay Project Quilt Project for the Countown to Election Day, Plus One Week

· Resistance,artmaking,transformation,The Stay Project

Between September 15 and November 3, and for one week after, we will post an image and a prompt on social spaces. Send us a line or two at, comment below or tweet a thought or a feel in response. We will, humbly and reverently, take your words and stitch them together to make a quilt to wrap around us, to fly like a kite, to throw down for a picnic of the mind.

Week 3: "I'm speaking."

Week 4: Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble...Pop, pop. What do you read in the dregs of your bubble tea?

Week 5: 1 week into Libra season. Thinking about scale(s), thinking about tipping points. Tip some noise onto the Stay Project Quilt Project.

Week 6: mask up. save yourself, save your friends, save your family, save humans you will never ever meet. use your mouth however you damn well please. join us in using your mouth for this week's Stay Project prompt.

Second square, to ward off evil while adding that essential je ne sais quois

art by Madeline Cooper

Soup for my family

Week 7: how do clothes work now?

collage art by B Von Hoene

First square, best square

@xraymoonseesthru @no one above <=> no one below moon bukas bodywork you know you need it

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