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June 2017

Check Yes or No.

Coming down from a fever pitch. It takes effort, or blunt force.

We are in the midst of a classic American diner menu, inundated with choices and substitutions and add-ons, none of them all that great.

June, and every month hereafter, is about saying Yes or No. It's about incinerating the classic diner menu and making our own. It's about giving the Melania hand-swat to the noise and the people and the things that do not serve us.

What will you let in? Who will you keep out? Where will you say No? Tell and show us at

1 - Darren C. Demaree




It’s the evolution of the broken bottle. Once the glass is detached from its factory form it must cut to stay alive. He is a constant threat because he cannot be held without asking for blood. He cannot keep a single ounce of joy on the lip of his sharpest tip.

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