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March 2019

Take Notes. Lots of Notes.

· Feminism,The Stay Project,artmaking,NYer ads that suck,CAConrad

Have y'all ever read any CAConrad? No? Oh. My. My my. You'll need to remedy that.

Go. Go on, git. Go and read everything CAConrad has ever written. And then, as they suggest, as they URGE... TAKE NOTES. Takes lots of notes all the time and because and for everything. Grow your War Hair, and takes notes. Smell soap, and take notes. Jerk off, and take notes. So that you can, then, make art of and from those notes. And so that, TRULY, we can ALL recall what happened, what happens all the time, what never seems to stop happening. And maybe maybe maybe, cease to repeat ourselves and our histories. Over and over, and over again.

Take NOTES and send them to and thank yourself.

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