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1 - Alexa W, Two Poems



a girl

only a girl lays on a bed

pale sheets under

dark hair falling from her face

a flower tucked behind her ear


she doesn’t deserve this just

cause she lays there like she is


every time the words pass through

another mouth it changes

an orange poppy

a pink tulip

but the brush you use to paint her with is the same

backandforth andbackandforth and

around the whole room if you’d let it

painting the rose anything but white

anything else than what it really was-

a flower stuck in your sticky fingers


she just wants her garden back.



What keeps me up at night

are not the ones we are taught to fear.

your eyes are supposed to chase around nothing, either the

slanted rectangles of muted light from your window or

the unknown time on your broken clock,

the paranoid pinpricks in your room.

They’re not the shapeless monster hidden under the bed,

spell-casters or blood-suckers or ghosts

Or cruel laughter down a never ending hallway.

Nightmares are in the real world.

my imagination an unwilling host to the vulgar possibilities.

the real ones jump out at you too

a sudden swandive of your stomach.

People think it is hands

that they multiply and grab and

that is the only warning.

but isn’t it eyes and words, too?


every whistle shoved down the length of your body,

every engine past evening, headlights imprinting the shadow of your silhouette.

the fear materializes and manifests

so freaking real you could trip over it in your sneakers,

but this is real fucking life you don’t trip you keeponwalking.


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