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November 2020

The day is here

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The Nine of Pentacles is calling. Indulge her. Let her remind you that this is your turf and there are fruits to be had. You know this because you buried the seeds. Plant your feet. Don't lose focus. Then tell us all about it over at The Stay Project.


Meltonious Shorter lives, writes, and barbers in Louisville, KY. A bright and loving spirit (yes, we can attest to this), Mel has been writing bars and shaving fades for years. Amidst ongoing and historical racial and social injustices—including the murder of Breonna Taylor in Mel's hometown, and Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron's continued lack of support for his community—Mel takes to the pen and the audiovisual recording to both express and release his anger and frustration. Our hope is that through Mel's poem, "Daniel is a Whore," as well as through his recorded discourse, you'll find a productive anger of your own. Because no, we do not uphold the now cliché Keep Calm & Carry On command emblazoned on promotional merchandise everywhere these days. In fact, we uphold just the opposite, as we are firm believers in the full spectrum of human emotions. And the ability to harness every point on that spectrum, including anger and hurt and frustration, and forge it into something. Into a thing that enacts. And because, well, enough is enough is enough.

Listen and watch Meltonious below. Then, like the adroit falcon it is, Keep Your Rage Strong & Carry the Fuck On.

We love you hard.

-The Editors

P.S. If you're reading this Daniel Cameron, we understand that you hold, and we quote, "profound respect for the dignity of human life" when it comes to the unborn. Where is your respect for the dignity of human life for those who are alive now, and for those who are no longer with us?

Say her name. Breonna Taylor. May she rest in power.

Now that you've watched Mel read "Daniel is a Whore," check out the next video wherein the author talks a little about his piece, mothers, life, race, love, and his thoughts on god and the higher self (OK, he does shout out one of our editors here at The Stay Project, but we swear we didn't tell him to!).

Listen to Mel, hear him, send him a note (m s h o r t e r 7 7 @ gmail dot com). Love and support only, please. Otherwise you'll be hearing from us. Now, enjoy.

Thanks for tuning in for the past FOUR years, y'all. Send us your work, your words, your art in process. We'll see you on the other side.

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