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It’s been a year.

A year of whiplash news cycles and scandal and comeuppance and fear and heartache and looking the devil in the eye. As artists, we tend to see the devils before others do. We use sonar, echolocation. But it’s one thing to know the devil is behind the door; it’s another to see his bulbous face.

In our country, senators are sending cease-and-desist letters to their constituents. ICE has gained access to license plate recognition data and is becoming more aggressive by the day. A 19-year-old white man was arrested after a series of racist and threatening calls to CNN. And this was all just last week. And only in America.

In Russia last weekend, political activist and Putin opponent, Alexei Navalny was arrested en route to a protest. A popular opposition leader, he was running in the upcoming March election until he was disqualified for past financial crimes. Now millions of Russians are planning to boycott the seemingly rigged election.

We could go on but why? We all know what we’re up against. There’s fear in the water. It’s coming at us from every angle.

And what we want to know is - what are you doing with it? How are you resisting the fear? Of course there are protests to attend and politicians to contact. But where do you go when you’re not reading headlines? What do you do after dinner? Alone in public? Right before you fall asleep?

We want to see how you’re resisting in your everyday life. Your #dailyresistance. While we love your perfect rhyming couplets and impeccable photographs, what we really want is the meat of your day. What do you do to keep the fight alive?

Maybe you are growing hot peppers and fuzzy sunflowers from seeds. Maybe you are naming your houseplants after saints. Maybe you watch The Bachelor every week while group texting some of your favorite poets.

We believe in that neural network of art and love and strength and resistance. So in this new year, we’re going to foster that community here at The Stay Project. We’re adding a blog component to our site where we'll be sharing the ways we’re resisting in our every day lives and inviting guest artists to do the same.

When it's just you, your thoughts, and your fuzzy sunflower seeds, making that thing that may or may not become a bigger and better thing, that’s what we’re here for. That twilight. That’s what we want to hold up and support. The act of Staying.

Think response, instead of comment. Process, instead of product.

When you're ready, drop us a line at threepoets2017@gmail.com or connect to us on Twitter and Instagram where we’ll be sharing our stay projects. And continue to stay in touch using the hashtags #dailyresistance and #projectproject.

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