face the unmasking. it was hidden - and barely. don’t let your mind fool you into thinking this is some new horror. square your shoulders.
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pollen smear

clean white



who’re real Realpolitikers?

-- anticipating Earth Day war of words

sun plus dirt energy pacs

absorbed by cold-blooded

skinks and blue-tail lizards

looking like little dinosaurs

doing their charger pushups,

I gaze back to times that

Al Gore ‘n I wore out our

joints hitting squash balls

down at Dunster House

while Henry Kissinger

taught Government up

in the Harvard Yard…

my knees now starting to

go like growing puddles

of both polar ice caps

taking up with vernal

chumocracy pools of

local science skeptics

while Trumpists shunt

me aside as the classic

hypocrite limousine

liberal fretting more

about what kids think

than realists should.




Often Straight Talk Express



It’s fitting

the Alt-Right

sez God gave


Johnny brain

cancer because

he defies Donald.



dude, maverick

John McCain’s


not quite

Senate swan song

Repug faint praise


O no Rog

Stone clone,

three-eyed one



warrior at dusk

jacked on life’s


last rotisserie,

confide half

truths be they






or more like

Hanoi Hilton



formal Mao

plus Zhou Enlai

sit-down suicide.



1 - Gerard Sarnat

2 - Gerard Sarnat

3 - Alex Borgen

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